Drug Ice

How Do I Know What I’m Going Through Is Drug Psychosis?

I just turned 18, I have been going out and taking drugs with my friends since i was almost 16… it was about 3 months ago that i started feeling very scared of these new symptoms i had.
the symptoms were
1. thoughts became confused and jumbled, couldn’t think clearly,… Continue reading

What Is the Drug Crack?

Some people say it’s ice, others say cocaine, otheres say heroin. I was just wondering what it actually is. Don’t get me wrong I would NEVER touch it anyway.

What Is Your Drug of Choice?

chocolate ice cream, cigarettes, cocaine?

Will I Be Checked for Drugs on the Train From Amsterdam Centraal to Wunstorf?

I’m moving back to Germany from Hawaii and am flying to Amsterdam so I can spend a day there, and then taking the train ticket I bought off of Bahn.de, where it says I have 2 transfers and the names of the trains are “IC, RE”.. but not ICE like… Continue reading

How Do I Get Rid of a Bruise Even Though Its Already Darkened?

My brother got a bruise in the stomach area like on the right side of his hips and we think its too late to use ice. What should we do. And by the way, we’re broke so we cant buy drugs from a drugstore

Do Magic Mushrooms Have Long Term Effects?

Ben W asked:

Hey folks,
Me and my friends are going to give magic mushys a go and we want to know if they have any long term effects such as drugs like ice.. I mean like can they give you permanent mental effects?

health insurers new york

My Fiance’s Brother Is in a Big Mess. He Is Depressed and Doing Drugs With No Job Living in a Motel. Help?

Anonymous asked:

My fiance’s brother was released from jail last year around thanksgiving. since then he was living with his step brother and his wife. he got his steb brothers wife pregnant and his family disowned him and would not let him live at thier home. he moved in with… Continue reading

Can You Hallucinate When You Are Having Withdrawals From Quitting Drugs?

*Cole* asked:

one of my friends is saying that he quit doing drugs (hard ones like ice, cocaine, others that i can’t think of) about 2 weeks ago and he is telling me stories that dont make any sense. does that mean he is most likely ON them again, or… Continue reading

WOMEN ONLY: How Does a Guy Go About Approaching a Girl Who Is a Cashier at a Drug Store?

rubbahslippahsurfah asked:

I’ve had my eye on this gorgeous girl who works at a drug store fairly close to my home that I frequent often. Been scoping her out for a few months, but never attempted anything because I was getting over an ex and wanted to completely avoid getting… Continue reading

How Do You Talk to Someone’s Parents About Their Drug Habit?

kleasure asked:

My brother and his girlfriend are both addicted to drugs. My brother is currently in a 90 day rehab program and has been clean the whole time and will be done soon. His girlfriend initially never showed any signs of drug abuse, till just recently we caught sight… Continue reading

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