Ice Drug Use

Why Do I Keep Hurting My Girlfriend?

I don’t physically abuse my girlfriend, but whenever we’re in arguments I always end it by saying, ”we’re done”. It’s always about the guys she’s been with, street dudes, and I’m not a street dude at all. She said I woke her up about them, that they cared more about… Continue reading

Drugs That Are Widely Abused in the United States, but Not Often Acknowledge Include?

a. perscription drugs
b. over-the-counter drugs
c. street drugs
d. all the above

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Why is there not a specific category for questions regarding addiction?

All estimates conclude that approximately 10% of the population is alcoholic, or addicted to other mood altering substances, i.e. street drugs or abusing Rx medications.

Doesn’t a topic that affects 10% of the people deserve a category of its… Continue reading

Would Decriminalizing All Forms of Street Drugs Raise or Lower the Violent Crime Rate?

What effect would legalizing street drugs have on the national violent and non violent crime statistics? What effect would it have on the Mexican Drug Cartels and the War On Drugs here in the U.S. and in Mexico?

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Medical Interventions for Maternal Substance Abuse?


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Why Do People Consider Marijuana a “gateway” Drug?

Everyone I know who has smoked marijuana began by smoking cigarettes and/or drinking alcohol. So why aren’t they considered “gateway” drugs? 90% of the people I know who are marijuana smokers have never done anything else. I also know of at least 5 people who are addicted to prescription drugs… Continue reading

Why Are “Street Drugs” Illegal and the Sale and Consumption of Alcohol Under Many Conditions Not Illegal?

Why are “street drugs” illegal and the sale and consumption of alcohol under many conditions not illegal? What do you think?

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Children of Drug Addicts?

I’m 23 years old and as far back as I can remember my dad abused drugs (prescription and illegal) and alcohol. I tried to forgive him for a lot of things he did to our family (running off and leaving us for months on end, physical violence) and have a… Continue reading

♥Cocaine and Weight Loss♥?

Last year at my school, we had a girl who overdosed on cocaine and died. She wasnt one of my best friends, but we were pretty close, although no matter what i said, she wouldnt break the habit. I know her initial reason for starting up was to lose weight.… Continue reading

What Would Show on a Persons Blood Work if a Tox Screen for Street Drugs Was Run?

My daughter has requested a copy of blood work from her hospital.She has been charged 4 months later with a DUI. The blood work does not show that any street drugs were tested for. It is all routine blood work on the printout as far sas we can see.

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