WOMEN ONLY: How Does a Guy Go About Approaching a Girl Who Is a Cashier at a Drug Store?

rubbahslippahsurfah asked:

I’ve had my eye on this gorgeous girl who works at a drug store fairly close to my home that I frequent often. Been scoping her out for a few months, but never attempted anything because I was getting over an ex and wanted to completely avoid getting into a relationship too soon after a break-up. Now that I’m feeling like I’m ready to get back out on the field, I’ve started feeling the urge to make a move.

What I’m realizing is that this is a lot more challenging than I thought. This is one of those drug stores that has a little of everything (one of those chains that you can drop in to get a snack, a card, or a bag of ice), but it’s still an in-and-out place where people know exactly what they want – no browsing, no complicated merchandise that needs explaining, and usually very quick lines at the registers. And of course there’s that whole thing about hitting on a girl while she’s working…

So I’m in a paradox.

Need to be original and stand-out without being creepy.
Gotta make an impression, but gotta make it quick.
Gotta be appropriate, but at the same time confident and direct.

…and I haven’t asked a girl out in well over a year, so I’m rusty (scoping drug stores isn’t my norm either).

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