How Do I Know What I’m Going Through Is Drug Psychosis?

I just turned 18, I have been going out and taking drugs with my friends since i was almost 16… it was about 3 months ago that i started feeling very scared of these new symptoms i had.
the symptoms were
1. thoughts became confused and jumbled, couldn’t think clearly, couldn’t concentrate, even during conversations, i’d forget really easily about what was being said.
2. felt cut off from the world around me and felt that everything was unreal.
there are other symptoms too… but these ones scare me the most…
it really scared me. about 2 days before this happened i had done a bit of cocaine but didn’t start feeling like this for a couple days after. it took me 2 weeks to get over it, i pretty much felt back to normal, although there would be moments where i felt a bit unstable. but was happy to be feeling better. then i did something stupid a couple of weeks ago, i smoke ice with a friend. and about 2 days after that i ecperienced the same things i mentioned above but so much worse. and its been a month since then… i’m really scared a have psychosis. i’m only 18, i regret a lot of things i’ve done, i’m not a suicidal person at all but lately i’v had thoughts of suicide because of how bad i’ve been feeling. i feel like i don’t know anyone sometimes… especially not myself. and i can’t do anything anymore. can’t even hang out with my friends. even sitting in my room scares me:(
It would really help me if anyone could give me some advice on how they got through it or if they knew someone who went through it…
I have only ever done cocaine that one time and once before that, but that was ages ago. i never really done it. the only thing i’ve done is pills, speed and ice. I do remember i started to get better after the coke incident, but then i did ice and that has really done my head in for the last month. 🙁

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