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Calvert Co. Sheriff's Reports

Calvert Co. Sheriff's Reports
A 27-inch TV was also taken from inside the boat. The theft occurred sometime between 10:00 a.m. on … Krolczyk was charged with possession of a schedule II drug; Amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. DISORDERLY CONDUCT CASE #14-24768: On …
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West Hollywood takes… Continue reading

What Are the Pros and Cons of Diet Pills?

Question by : what are the pros and cons of diet pills?
what are the pros and cons of diet pills??? have you or would you ever use diet pills and if so why???
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How Do You Get Rid of the Smell After Puking Through Your Nose?

Question by Solace: How do you get rid of the smell after puking through your nose?
After drinking plenty from an unhealthy beverage containing ethanol (never doing that again) I got tipsy and consequently puked. But I puked so hard, that it came out of my nose. It’s… Continue reading

Hard Drugs Blamed for Dogs' Overdoses in Carlisle

Hard drugs blamed for dogs' overdoses in Carlisle
They suspect the dogs had inadvertently eaten discarded drugs – either amphetamine or an ecstasy-like drug. Sue, from Caldewgate, Carlisle, said that Sharna began displaying distressing symptoms within 10 minutes of finishing the walk last Friday …
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What Is This Orange Powder?

Question by : What is this orange powder?
My friend use to have a drug problem, but has since cleaned up. I found this on the ground today and I need help identifying what it is. Your help is very much appreciated. Here is a link to a… Continue reading

Unfair and Patently Unjust, Says Powell After 18-Month Ban

Unfair and patently unjust, says Powell after 18-month ban
Instead, what has been handed down nine months later is clearly not based on the offence or the facts surrounding it.” Powell, who had … The substance is an amphetamine found in some dietary supplements and it was developed to treat… Continue reading

Robstown Alcoholism Treatment Helpline Assists Addicts in Finding Therapy

Robstown Alcoholism Treatment Helpline Assists Addicts in Finding Therapy
LIGHTNING RELEASES 04/21/14 – The innovative new Robstown Alcoholism Treatment Helpline is a wonderful resource for teenagers who need assistance finding a reliable drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility offering a variety of treatment methods.
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Operation Unite – Day Three

Operation Unite – Day Three
Police were told four people were admitted to Sydney Hospital and one to St Vincent's Hospital suffering overdose of drugs including cocaine, ecstasy, amphetamine and ketamine. There were four women and one man. As a result of the information supplied, …
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Drug and Alcohol Rehab at Michael’s House Treatment Center

Drug and Alcohol Rehab at Michael’s House Treatment Center — First impressions are important. From the moment patients arrive for their treatment experience, they will be greeted by friendly faces at Michael’s House St…

Top Arizona Drug and Alcohol Rehab Hikes Havasu Falls
… we all had a great time.… Continue reading

How Many Days Does It Take to Withdrawl From Opiet Abuse?

Question by jamis: how many days does it take to withdrawl from opiet abuse?
loracet 3-5 a day

Best answer:

Answer by Rebecca Jane
You will always have cravings but the detox will take several days and is very dangerous. The degree depending on how heavy into the opiates you… Continue reading

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