My Fiance’s Brother Is in a Big Mess. He Is Depressed and Doing Drugs With No Job Living in a Motel. Help?

Anonymous asked:

My fiance’s brother was released from jail last year around thanksgiving. since then he was living with his step brother and his wife. he got his steb brothers wife pregnant and his family disowned him and would not let him live at thier home. he moved in with the pregnant wife and did not get a job in the whole 7 months he was living with her. she has kicked him out because the only jobs he could ever get (with his jail background) are ranch hand side jobs paying just a few dollars a day. now he is living in a motel with a bunch of bad people doing all kinds of drugs (ice, speed etc…) and is completely depressed about losing “the love of his life”. me and my fiance attempted to help him by bringing him to the city in hopes of a better chance for him to find a good job and his perole officer had called in sick that day so he could not leave. we were forced to go back home and give him rent money for another week. i am so worried he is going to end up back in jail or become a drug addict or try to commit suicide. i dont know what to do. we cant let him live with us because he has to register as a sex offender and my mom does not approve of that. we can not bring him to the city now because we cant afford to pay $210 a week waiting for him to get a job (which takes up to a month sometimes). my family has told me to give it to GOD and let him handle everything. what should i do. i cant bare to see my fiance upset when he finds out that his brother has gone back to jail or died from drugs/suicide.
he is not a bad guy. ive known him since he was released. he is actually the sweetest guy in my finace’s family. i know he is making some huge mistakes right now because of how hard his life since jail. the only reason he was put in jail was because he had a 16 or 17 year old g/f when he was around 20 and he cheated on her with another girl his age and the 17yr old got mad at him and reported him to get back at him. he in no way is a “child malester” or a “rapist”

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