Drug Addiction

Medication Withdrawal?

Question by : Medication Withdrawal?
I am on multiple drugs such as antidepressents, anxiety medications, pain medications, estrogren, pain pails and a muscle relaxer. I take a total of 7 meds. My memory is shot!I cannot remember yesterday! I am scared to death! What kind of physician would i see… Continue reading


Addiction — TVC ad.

New face of recovery
You’re really crazy!'” Not only does Botticelli play an important role in this Administration, in the world of addiction recovery, he is a rock star. At a suburban Washington treatment center, he stood at the front of a room filled with addicts… Continue reading

Physician Heal Thyself: A Bipolar Doctor Probes the Brain on ABC's New Drama

Physician heal thyself: A bipolar doctor probes the brain on ABC's new drama
NEW YORK, N.Y. – ABC's brainy new medical drama "Black Box" does a neat trick: It dares viewers to imagine for themselves the cost-benefit ratio of addiction, and does it without taking a firm stand. It… Continue reading

The Revolving Door: Wyoming Reliance on Jails for Mental Health Services Comes

The revolving door: Wyoming reliance on jails for mental health services comes
In Wyoming as well as around the country, jails and prisons operate as de facto mental health facilities, treating a disproportionately high number of offenders with mental illnesses, substance abuse issues and often both. That reliance on… Continue reading

Bad Night Sweats From Marijuana Withdraw?

Question by john doe: bad night sweats from marijuana withdraw?
19yo. Okay so heres the deal, I’ve smoked bud just like socially from 15 till 18. Then I smoked all day everyday for about 3 months then stopped for 3. now I’ve been smoking close to a quarter (7 grams)… Continue reading

Is It Possible to Avoid Coffee Addiction?

Question by : Is it possible to avoid coffee addiction?
I’m fourteen years old and in the past have never bothered to drink coffee. It tastes bad and I know too many people who are addicted. My Grandma has about ten cups per day, and my close friend is always… Continue reading

Bay Area Recovery Center Introduces New Alcohol Rehabilitation Services

Bay Area Recovery Center Introduces New Alcohol Rehabilitation Services
It is imperative to choose the best treatment facility that one can find. To this end, Bay Area Recovery Center—also known as BARC—has recently rolled out its new alcohol rehabilitation plan, which goes beyond the surface of substance abuse problems.
Read… Continue reading

Protect All of Us From Dangers of Child Abuse

Protect all of us from dangers of child abuse
This strong correlation between substance use and child abuse, coupled with the broad language in current law, makes it hard to protect lawful drug users and even harder to protect children. Last year, a broad task force — which included …… Continue reading

Trinity College to Host Conference on Addiction

Trinity college to host conference on addiction
The complex biological, psychological and spiritual aspects of addiction can make tackling the disease hard, according to experts in the field. A psychology conference on addiction at Trinity Christian College in Palos Heights will help students …
Read more on Chicago Tribune

Addiction… Continue reading

Drug Rehab Certification — Making a Difference in Patients’ Lives

Drug Rehab Certification — Making a Difference in Patients’ Lives — Drug Rehab Certification — Making a Difference in Patients’ Lives Patients can register for an outpatient program which will allow them to still stay within…

Glaucoma Drug May Help Reverse Obesity-Related Vision Loss
TUESDAY, April 22, 2014 (HealthDay News)… Continue reading

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