Medication Withdrawal?

Question by : Medication Withdrawal?
I am on multiple drugs such as antidepressents, anxiety medications, pain medications, estrogren, pain pails and a muscle relaxer. I take a total of 7 meds. My memory is shot!I cannot remember yesterday! I am scared to death! What kind of physician would i see to get wheened off of some?? The antidepressents are the worst at trying to get off..Who do i need to see??? I have been passing out in my attempts to withdrawal slowly…

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Answer by David Walters
I’ve been through this. You didn’t say what kind and dosage. In my case, due to the dose and drug (oxycodone, 90mg/day) and used adivan to ease the symptoms. But since you’re on some kind of “anxiety” meds this will be tricky. Find a doctor in your area who treats drug withdrawals, as opposed to someone who treats strictly “drug addictions”. It sounds like you didn’t take these for recreational purposes. You don’t need to go to a 12 step program in other words and put up with all that. Good luck, eventually you’ll feel much better.

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