Bad Night Sweats From Marijuana Withdraw?

Question by john doe: bad night sweats from marijuana withdraw?
19yo. Okay so heres the deal, I’ve smoked bud just like socially from 15 till 18. Then I smoked all day everyday for about 3 months then stopped for 3. now I’ve been smoking close to a quarter (7 grams) a day, until a few days ago when I decided I gotta change. Well since then every night well I guess morning when I finally fall asleep I wake up heart pounding, hot as hell, and literally laying in a pool of sweat then I can’t get to sleep or my body temp will go from hot to cold so fast idk what to do. This kinda happen last time but nothing like this. Is this normal? And why is quiting making this happen? I did the same with drinking last year drinking until I puked everyday for about 4 months and this didn’t happen. Help! Thanks

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Answer by El*
I don’t smoke weed, but all my friends who do insist you “can’t get physically addicted” to it, only mentally addicted. Well, this sounds like a physical addiction withdrawal to me. But honestly I think it sounds a little extreme for bud withdrawal? I don’t know though.

Good for you for quitting though!

Answer by Depressed Intellectual
You have a tolerance, meaning that you need to smoke to get to the ‘normal’ bodily state. Over time, you will need to smoke more and more to get back to normal, until you die of an overdose. It’s the same with cigarettes, and as you said, alchohol.

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