Protect All of Us From Dangers of Child Abuse

Protect all of us from dangers of child abuse
This strong correlation between substance use and child abuse, coupled with the broad language in current law, makes it hard to protect lawful drug users and even harder to protect children. Last year, a broad task force — which included …
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HEROIN | It's cheap, available, lethal and on the rise on Whidbey
Afflicting the young and old, poor and successful, the drug has police and community leaders from Clinton to Oak Harbor worried and scratching their heads trying to figure how to address the growing problem. A powerful drug. While heroin may not be as …
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The Secret World of DrugAddict Doctors
… a combination of fentanyl and midazolam (Versed™). The tragic coincidence points out the problem unique to health care workers: easy access to feel-good, rapidly and intensely addictive drugs, as well as the clean needles and syringes to inject them.
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