Is It Possible to Avoid Coffee Addiction?

Question by : Is it possible to avoid coffee addiction?
I’m fourteen years old and in the past have never bothered to drink coffee. It tastes bad and I know too many people who are addicted. My Grandma has about ten cups per day, and my close friend is always complaining about her craving for Zarraffa’s to the extent of actually drawing the flask on her lose notes. I’m the type of person who is easily prone to addiction, and the last thing I want is to become attached to a substance which could be bad for my health. However, I procrastinate and have a short attention span. I miss details and I become too tired and overstimulated by my surrounding environment. This is quite similar to ADHD and I have heard that caffeine helps. I want to try coffee and still avoid addiction. Is this possible?

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Answer by #1vmkfan!
Try it, but in your mind think that it tastes gross haha, or if u end up liking it, then think of all those evil calories you are putting in your body:)

Answer by kari t
Uh, nope. Caffiene is just flat out addictive. I’ve got myself down to 2 iced teas a day, but my hands shake when I try to quit

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