Cocaine Addiction

Long Journey Through Addictions to Salvation

Long journey through addictions to salvation
Robert Moore, who turned his life around after nearly 20 years of addiction, is running a new program collecting Canadian Tire money to assist the homeless. KATE GRIGG/SPECIAL … He turned to drugs: cocaine, Ecstasy, barbiturates. Until that day when …
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Alleged Crime Boss Haddara Could Flee if Bailed to Drug Rehab Clinic, Court Told

Alleged crime boss Haddara could flee if bailed to drug rehab clinic, court told
Raymond Hayder Clinic manager Jackson Oppy told an earlier hearing there was a place for Mr Haddara in its 90-day rehab program. And he said he would be subject to conditions stricter than prison including 24-hour… Continue reading

Police Blotter From the April 24 Edition of the Sun

Police blotter from the April 24 edition of The Sun
Police found that McCool was in possession of nearly 2 ounces of cocaine, packaged in individual bags, and more than 100 Hydrocodone pills in an unmarked container. The subject was charged with two felony counts of criminal possession of a… Continue reading

Heroin Hits Close to Home

Heroin hits close to home
Whether you know it or not, friends, family, neighbors, coworkers may be dealing with a hidden addiction. It could be your … They mix coke and heroin in the same spoon, put it in a needle and shoot it all up at the same time… Continue reading

Marijuana Has Addictive Behaviors, Thoughts on Legalization of Drug

Marijuana has addictive behaviors, thoughts on legalization of drug
George Comiskey, associate director for external relations for the Center for the Study of Addiction and Recovery, said he would not recommend using marijuana as an exit drug, but he can see how it would help some people. “It can be… Continue reading

Makeovers Inspire Self-Confidence for Recovering Addicts in Charlotte Area

Makeovers inspire self-confidence for recovering addicts in Charlotte area
Amanda Hopkins, who was addicted to marijuana and cocaine when she joined Hope Haven on April 8, said she was thankful for the support. “You don't find many people … He hopes to attend school to study information technology. “It's great… Continue reading

People in Business

people in business
He provides care to patients while they are in the hospital, and works with patients, families, physicians and hospital staff to deliver expert inpatient medical treatment. *. Inland Home Mortgage announced the following: Greg Hill has joined the …
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I Have a Question Relating to Alcohol Anonymous, Has Anyone Ever Been Involved With Their Organization?

Question by : I have a question relating to Alcohol Anonymous, has anyone ever been involved with their Organization?
My Domestic Partner was recently arrested on Domestic Violence charges. Until his court date he has been ordered by the Court to attend AA meetings 5 days a week. He is… Continue reading

Blumenauer Campaign Ad Highlights Marijuana Reform

Blumenauer campaign ad highlights marijuana reform
Schedule I drugs are considered to have no medicinal value and highly addictive under federal law. The list includes heroin, LSD and ecstasy. That means marijuana is classified higher than methamphetamines or cocaine. Blumenauer said relisting or …
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Ambrosia Alcohol Rehab

Ambrosia Alcohol Rehab — A tour of the Ambrosia Substance Abuse Treatment Center located in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

Parma Alcohol Drug Rehab Introduces Expanded Residential Treatment Services
The counselors, therapists and medical staff at the Parma center have a grasp of how powerful drug addiction can grab someone and… Continue reading

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