Police Blotter From the April 24 Edition of the Sun

Police blotter from the April 24 edition of The Sun
Police found that McCool was in possession of nearly 2 ounces of cocaine, packaged in individual bags, and more than 100 Hydrocodone pills in an unmarked container. The subject was charged with two felony counts of criminal possession of a … After …
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The case for nicotine
“One reason for it being so addictive is that as soon as you smoke, you see the reward,” Rezvani said. The same is true of crack cocaine, he said. All of which leads Rezvani to disagree with the theory that e-cigarettes will help wean people off …
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Hundreds in Delaware drug cases could walk
"Where there is smoke, there is fire … this is really beginning to shape up to be a mega-scandal," he said, adding problems at the lab may be worse than suspected. Wilmington City Councilwoman Maria Cabrera said the Harris case made her blood boil …
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