Heroin Hits Close to Home

Heroin hits close to home
Whether you know it or not, friends, family, neighbors, coworkers may be dealing with a hidden addiction. It could be your … They mix coke and heroin in the same spoon, put it in a needle and shoot it all up at the same time — I was doing that,” he …
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Book Review: 'The Last Pirate' by Tony Dokoupil
According to Mr. Dokoupil, "To gross the same million dollars, a cocaine dealer needed to sell a mere thirty pounds of an odorless product small enough to fit in a backpack, while my father moved more than a ton of bulky, pungent plant matter you'd be …
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Slippery Slope
I can now understand how drug addiction starts.. I've been using cocaine recreationally for years, but really stepped it up this past year. I started buying it myself instead of chipping in with other, and had a drug dealer in my contact list. I often …
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“You can't always trust people to do the right thing”: How a law split pro
It's an unprecedentedly punitive proposal, though a sadly unsurprising one in the current political landscape; an additional 17 states currently consider prenatal drug use a civil offense, South Carolina holds drug use during pregnancy as child abuse …
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Diet Coke Addiction — will we lose our dignity, will someone care?? mary and ryan confess.

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