I Have a Question Relating to Alcohol Anonymous, Has Anyone Ever Been Involved With Their Organization?

Question by : I have a question relating to Alcohol Anonymous, has anyone ever been involved with their Organization?
My Domestic Partner was recently arrested on Domestic Violence charges. Until his court date he has been ordered by the Court to attend AA meetings 5 days a week. He is an Alcoholic, even by his own admittance.

He has been attending this meeting for about 3 weeks now. Recently I spotted his Truck at a Bar that he was a Regular Bar Patron. I doubt he is drinking there at this time due to the court order, and they do serve food there.

Would AA suggest this to be “ok”, as long as he didn’t consume Alcoholic Beverages- this soon into the program?

Would this be a possible sign to me, that he really has no intentions of stopping drinking when his court ordeal is over?

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I can’t imagine anyone doing this. Hmm, maybe it’s him-LOL!

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Answer by georgiapeachy1978
AA will in no way shape or form condone his stopping by his old watering hole for food or otherwise. It is frowned upon. I was in a recovery program last year and was required to attend 2 meetings a week. A friend of mine(ok not so friendly) invited me to go to a bar with her after work, and I politely told her I couldn’t, the temptation was still to great for. Since then, I do not speak to her nor do I go by her work. I have been clean and sober for 4 1/2 months and am proud to stay this way.

I will take this as a sign that he has no intention of stopping drinking and its time for you to move on.

Answer by zeldaslexicon
AA is predicated on the 12-step program, in which a person admits they are “powerless” over alcohol and then takes steps to change the influence alcohol has over their life. Working through these steps is called “working the program”.

Within these steps is a recognition that your environment has an influence over your behavior. That is, hanging out with friends who drink and GOING TO PLACES YOU USED TO DRINK is not considered a good idea. Your partner’s sponsor would most likely frown on this behavior.

But in the end, your partner does this on his own terms. Placing himself back into an environment where he will inevitably be tempted to drink is a sign that (1) he wants to “fail” – that is, he’s looking for a reason to start drinking again or (2) he’s not really taking the whole thing very seriously – which is likely given that he is going to AA under court order, not because he wants to.

I think your suspicions are correct. Now, AA tends to view episodes of “cheating” (drinking) NOT as failure but as “an opportunity to learn”. Many people with addiction problems need many opportunities to learn before they achieve success.

Good luck to you and your partner

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