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The life of one person is a precious pearl of wisdom, passion, love, and guidens which allows us to seek the truth, and refuge of everyday life. The novels “The Black Echo” and “By The Cold River” display the hardship and struggles of abiding by the rules of everyday life which concurs to the beliefs of the criminal life; which eventually leads to a death of an individual. “The Black Echo” presents the rise and fall of an individual in the criminal life more effectively than “By The Cold River”, and is a much greater example of one’s struggle to determine their identity in constant masses of mental suffering which can be seen through the stages of mental and physical suffering, the evolution and the destruction of a characters beliefs through his unimaginable mindset.

The justification of beliefs through the process of mind vision alone is tempting to the fact that uncharitable and unreliable credibility can be mounted and brought up to one’s judgment. In the case of Harry Bosch in the novel “The Black Echo”, Bosch deals with a lot of secondary distractions which lead to an excess of uncanny decisions that ultimately leads to his failure as a lone just detective with moral rights. “You mean the window? I’m not here about that.” This quote exemplifies the distress Harry is feeling during the time of his best friend’s death; he can t seem to cope with the loss and is suffering mentally due to seeing the world surrounding him one dimensionally instead of praising the surroundings with open arms. The hardship of having to deal with emotional and mental struggles each and every single day is tedious and harmful to your mental and physical being in every shape and form. From day one the self conceived “Tunnel Rat” Harry Bosch was alone, isolated, and bridged from the rest of society. The belief to air out suggestions and dismantle ongoing connections from his surroundings, has succumbed and strained Bosch to a minimum, with only a few shreds of belongings to his aid. The mindset of philosophical vision can be attributed to such techniques exhibited by Bosch during his outcry, do discover the mysterious death of long time “Tunnel Rat” friend Ralph Cupperd, only to slowly become more devious and hateful to others during his long quest of hardship and delight for others. Stages of mental suffering can vary on the strength of one’s being or self, Harry Bosch manages to deal with his suffering with anger, full throttle, and revenge of others on a prominent case he feels needed to bring himself back to life. The dilemma of a person is an eventful stage in life without sole purpose to one’s sacred being as presented by the setting of the novel, which takes place on the outskirts of New York City. The general idea of post-cold war New York with a delusional and misunderstood Harry Bosch have led him to believe that he is just an illusion of his afterthoughts, or a product of nothing but a set of cold ashes on the floor. The evolution of Harry Bosch’s Character from a smear savvy being to a heartless, vengeful, and fearless being has made him realize the understanding of the setting around him in order to graze and relish the time of luck and charm against tough love, and hard chances on the streets of New York. The high risk of understanding what needs to be done can elude one from the promising challenges in life as attributed to Mr.Bosch’s sense of knowledge and understanding through the struggles of others. “As preposterous as I may look and sound I am the legacy of the department”. Bosch is constantly referring to himself as a generally stable person, and the only hope for the LAPD to solve the crime mystery of his late “Tunnel Rat” friend Ralph Cupperd. It is indeed noted in this passage that Bosch is struggling and going through two stages of mental suffering, he is going through internal/external suffering on the basis of Ralph and himself. In order to pursue a solid goal one must struggle to achieve it; in the case of Harry Bosch that task has been succumbed but, incomplete in the challenge of surfacing a prime case against his usual suspects. Bosch is indeed a mystery of illusions that will only be solved with a few cracks, and twirls in the direction and path of salvation even if it means jumping the gun and hording his own life for the sake of the others in his life. To master a plan one must study, elaborate, and set a goal for it as done by detective Harry Bosch.

A parallel of commodities can be justified with a choice of power given to one special person on a basis of a mutual agreement. The construction of a suggested basis agreement can be stacked, and destroyed, dependant on the outcome of the heralded situation through long periods of time. The novel “By The Cold River” by Henry Perkins provides key situations where a character endures extreme limits of both physical and mental suffering as especially attributed to Joey Padilla a young sailor. The climatic point in the novel allows us to view the struggles of Joey, but allow us to observe the rise and fall of Joey Padilla. The identity of a person is crucial in identifying their general philosophical views of their surroundings, and their personal beings. The outcry of success or failure is surfaced by the gesture of completion or incompletion, as indicated by Mr. Padilla’s movements through the novel. The attempt to save his own life through others has led Mr. Padilla to absorb fruitful, and sorrow reaction from the patriotic nearby towns people in Leigh Port. It’s the sense of dignity but more so pride that causes the downfall of a central character in the midst of moving up the ladder towards the ultimate goal of achieving strength, will, and freedom. The pride of Joey Padila was his sense of greatness, kindness, and, leadership to others. It is the sense of joy to conquer, to set sail or foot on something of value worth greatness in order to feel the anxiety and urge of knowing the moment of truth within or within the value of life itself. “By The Cold River” within itself presents a classic tale of moral values between many righteous people, and their wrong doings of guilt, shame, and, redemption. It is clearly evident that Joey Padilla views his surroundings rather vividly then the reader by attempting to pursued nearby towns people to respect one another, and help release Puddy the local shopkeeper whom is on the road towards exile. The wishes of our hearts, minds, and soul are just a facet of the mind towards the never ending cycle of life which is mind, and self control over one’s being. Discovering a true passion for life is difficult in making equivalent decisions, and hard sought goals to pattern out. The height at which Puddy takes is risky, but comes with a high reward in knowing the sense of joy in completing a task in a troublesome life which has cost him his past with some effect on his future. Mr. Puddy deals with the struggle of the unknown crime, the heinous deed that he was wrongfully framed for absoloutely no cause of fear, “It is I whom must fulfill the requirements of the jury, and move on with their selection” (page 79). Tony Puddy ensures the townspeople, and his lawyers that the truth will most likely be vanquished within the eyes of the ruthless human being who has kept quiet during the whole ordeal, but demands his supporters to move on with their lives in order to live and forget about the past. It is highly ironic to note that the Padilla confession to Mr. Puddy on page 112 is greatly significant in determining the fate of Mr. Puddy on death row; it is the wishful confession of hurtful rumours that has contained Mr. Puddy to become isolated from the rest of society along with his unimaginable mind knowledge which has unfortunately let him down during the times of his trial. The criminal life can lead to serious distress, and loss of words to one’s self, it can also have a much harmful effect to one person’s identity, causing one to pursue a new identity under a new name. The reality can be surprising, truthful, but effective in a hurtful way. It is well known that Mr. Puddy is a drunken alcoholic in a sadistic virtue, but he is seemingly a character with great prosper, and acquainted knowledge of his surroundings which include the towns people of Leigh Port. It was a crucial decision for Joey Padilla to make; the decision of whether to talk to Tony Puddy again or not, or whether to leave Minnesota forever. Indeed Joey acknowledged his own decision, and set off to Vancouver for a stay which could possibly last for millions. “You must go now, take your belongings, and leave I shall not have any part in this anymore” (page 176). Tony Puddy once again persuades Mr. Padilla and his associates to leave Minnesota to catch a flight to Vancouver, which will save him from the chances of exile, and punishment if convicted guilty during the resurrection ceremony of Mr.Puddy himself. Whether it is Joey Padilla, Tony Puddy, or even Doctor Howry, the opportunity of discovering a self –identity is priceless. Without your identity it is quite difficult to succeed in life, but with a certified identity, and a solid background the future is bright, clear, and very shiny.

The comparison between two greater sets of characters is quite understandable in the achievements made during their lifetimes. In the novel “The Black Echo”, Harry Bosch is an undervalued type one homicide detective with little or no understanding of his surroundings, which indicates his isolation in greater parts of society. In complete polar similarities Tony Puddy is a drunken alcoholic with little or no room for extra mistakes, which have led him to become a popular symbol amongst the town’s people of both Leigh Port, and Bryland as he faces exile in his own part of the county. The provocative views of nature along with society has greatly affected both Joey Padilla, and Harry Bosch in an uncanny matter. Harry Bosch is similar to a glowing fire on a candle, just when it looks like it will burn out it stays in tact with the melting candle. During his background check for the usual suspects, Harry blurted out a very hard nosed statement about his local people, “ If you hate me that is one thing, but if you hate what I am doing for the sake of this city then thats another”. It is very clear that Harry is a man on a mission to make New York city a better place to live, and eliminate all drug-related gangs from the streets of the city. Whether it is a goal or not Harry’s dream of living a good life shall not be forgotten as it is a need he must fulfil if he must deteriate the crime that sent his fellow “tunnel rat” Ralph Cupperd to death. The case of both Harry, and Joey is quite similar; two men coming from two different backgrounds, but with the same objective of trying to free themselves from the rut they got themselves in. In the perspective of Harry Bosch it is more personal, and theoretical then normal, as he has just lost a close friend, and everday mate he can share his troubles with, while Joey Padilla is more of the accused criminal of the public outcry. This may not be a technical fairytale type tragedy, but this is an elusive figure of what can occur, when a person fights fire with fire, only to later figure out that water must be used.

The identity of one person is so precious it is like a box of temptations filled with the most glorifying, and resounding colours within them. Without an identity one may not have the pride, and the sense of knowledge to move forward, and strive for the greatest achievement. The struggle attributed to an identity search is more grueling then a scavanger hunt with extra wheels on track due in part, to its safety policy, and security checks. The foundation of life is a realm of knowledge capable of educating the mind with surreal images of our surroundings which can be linked to the understanding of a person’s innerself, and moral being. It is not the case of a lost identity, but a case of hardship, and struggle of discovering the meaning of life. The icing on the cake may already have been added without notice, but a true identity always comes with notice.

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