Ice Drug Use

If I Wrote a Book About Personal Drug/ Alcohol Addiction, Would You Read It?

The grammar and spelling may be terrible (i apologize).
I have been thinking about this for some time now. I am now 27 and over the last 7 years have experienced way too much drug and alcohol incidents. I’m trying real hard to hit the key points of why I… Continue reading

Doctor Brushed Off My Depression How Do I Get Street Drugs?

i dont want to get caught either ? can the police arrest me for having them ? also if someone would recommend some good street drugs for depression id appreciate that, ill give this 1 last shot b4 i decide to kill myself.

What Are Some Pros and Cons of Legalizing Street Drugs?

Hi, i am doing a paper on why street drugs should or should not be legalized. I have found a few resaons on why street drugs should not be legalized. But I haven’t found any on why they should be legalized. If you can, please helpp. sources will be useful… Continue reading

Can You Lose Social Security Disability Benefits if You Are Found to Have Used Street Drugs?

Someone on social security benefits because of a disability has gotten on a certain street drug. We have heard that you cannot take them to a rehab center or let anyone know of these drugs because their social security benefits will be taken away. Is this true?

Is It a Drug or Medication?

Some people and I were arguing over whether Xanax was a bigger drug or medication. I know some people who abuse it off the streets, but I’ve gotten it from a doctor to sleep at night and it’s good for panic attacks in some people. It’s also very dangerous and… Continue reading

Has Anyone Heard of Protracted Withdrawals From Street Drugs and Anti-Depressants?

I was wondering if anyone had any information personal,studies, or anecdotal about protracted withdrawals from street drugs and anti-depressants. What I mean is the idea that drugs get trapped/absorbed into your fat cells while using them. In times of stress, weight loss, etc. these drugs can go back into your… Continue reading

How Is Xanax a Legitimate Medicine for Treating Anxiety?

I have seen so many people get addicted to xanax, and i am just questioning its legitimacy. Yes i will agree that it helps with anxiety in the short term, but it does it fix the problem, it just covers it up temporarily. Since it must be taken everyday in… Continue reading

My Essay on Oxycontin. Please Read?


OxyContin… A miracle drug or an addict’s worst nightmare? A drug that has severe and sometimes fatal consequences when abused. Originally manufactured for terminally ill cancer patients facing the end stages of life, OxyContin has become widely over prescribed, thus creating an epidemic of abusers.… Continue reading

♥♥♥Cocaine and Weight Loss♥♥♥?

Last year at my school, we had a girl who overdosed on cocaine and died. She wasnt one of my best friends, but we were pretty close, although no matter what i said, she wouldnt break the habit. I know her initial reason for starting up was to lose weight.… Continue reading

I Think There Might Be Something Wrong With Me, Need Some Advice, Please?

Ok, I am a 17 year old male around 6″4′ and about 230 pounds and for the past couple of days i have noticed my heart rate has been through the roof. I get dizzy and lightheaded very easily also while getting up or walking up my stairs. I have… Continue reading

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