Effects of Drug Ice

Would a $15 Minimum Wage Be a Disaster for Seattle's Human Services?

Would a minimum wage be a disaster for Seattle's human services?
And the solution? He suggests a long-term phase-in, which apparently would give nonprofits time to lobby for higher public contracts. But the real answer left me cold. A $ 15 wage, Hanauer suggested, will eventually reduce demand – for… Continue reading

Jurors Deliberating Young's Role in July 4 Fatal Shooting

Jurors deliberating Young's role in July 4 fatal shooting
The three young men went to the remote spot near Horn Rapids to smoke methamphetamine. But once they got out there, Hunt and Young reportedly announced they didn't have any, so the trio … Young then concocted a scheme to put… Continue reading

Bipartisan House Vote Restores Local Control of E-Cigarette Regulations

Bipartisan House vote restores local control of e-cigarette regulations
Frank Artiles, R-Miami, relaxed the languaged to allow local governments to pass ordinances about nicotine products, but not e-cigarettes, after the law takes effect July 1. That wasn't enough for Rep. Bill Hager, R-Boca Raton, … House Speaker Will …
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Is Coming Off 1.5mg a Day of Klonopin the Same as Coming Off of 1.5 Mg a Day of Xanax?

Question by GypsyQueen: Is coming off 1.5mg a day of klonopin the same as coming off of 1.5 mg a day of xanax?
I have been taking 1.5mg of klonopin for 2 ears and now I want to stop taking it. If i wean off slowly will I… Continue reading

Study: Increase in College Students Using Adderall & Other 'Study Drugs'

Study: Increase in College Students Using Adderall & Other 'Study Drugs'
Yet these drugs are Schedule II substances, sitting pretty on the Drug Enforcement Administration's list right next to cocaine, meth and morphine. “College … Other side effects include loss of appetite, nervousness, and changes in sex drive. The long… Continue reading

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Admits to Smoking Crack Cocaine

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Admits to Smoking Crack Cocaine — news,abc,barack obama,fox news,song,cnn news today,abc news,cnn news,chris brown interview,tv bloopers,nbc news,cbs news,abc news special report,abc news tod…

Justice Dept.'s new clemency guidelines: Crack offenders most obvious candidates
In 2010, Mr. Obama signed the Fair Sentencing Act, aimed at reducing the… Continue reading

HIV West Yellowhead Funded for Needle Exchange Program Client Worker

HIV West Yellowhead funded for needle exchange program client worker
Quick emphasized that HIV West Yellowhead does not condone criminal activity involving substance abuse. "That has nothing to do with us," she said. "We just do the … According to the 2013 harm reduction needs assessment study, prepared for HIV… Continue reading

Deputies Investigate Meth Activity

Deputies investigate meth activity
An investigating officer determined everything was OK and informed the parents of their options regarding behavior treatment. Texas County Jail admissions. April 15. Joshua Jennings – stealing a motor vehicle, stealing under $ 500. Chad A. Kirk …
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Accused rapist tops… Continue reading

Counselor: Parents Should Be Concerned About Children and Spice

Counselor: parents should be concerned about children and spice
Melinda Rader is a licensed counselor at Waves of Hope, a non-profit patient treatment and education clinic for substance abuse patients. She said many … The symptoms run from this irrational, erratic behavior all the way to them showing signs of… Continue reading

Synthetic Drugs Pose Lethal Problem

Synthetic drugs pose lethal problem
While synthetic substances known as K-2 and "bath salts" remain a challenge, variations of these drugs and a new concoction, krokodil, a mixture of meth and heroin, are showing up in the greater Kansas City and St. Louis areas. The variations of these …
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