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Tennessee Bill OKs Criminal Charges for Mothers' Prenatal Drug Use

Tennessee bill OKs criminal charges for mothers' prenatal drug use
The Tennessee Department of Health reports a “ten-fold” rise over the last decade in babies born with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome, typically associated with symptoms of withdrawal from opiates. Eager to curb the trend, lawmakers aren't waiting to …
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The 'Faces of Drug Arrests' Depicts Physical Detriments of Addiction, an Issue

The 'Faces Of Drug Arrests' Depicts Physical Detriments Of Addiction, An Issue
In an effort to show the physical changes that a person endures with prolonged drug use and addiction, has put together an infographic called, “More Than Meth, Faces of Drug Arrests.” Some of the images are… Continue reading

Let’s Play Super Mario 64 Redux [PART 19] – Bowser Approved

Let’s Play Super Mario 64 Redux [PART 19] – Bowser Approved — Made from 100% Stomped Goomba!

Pope Francis asks for forgiveness over priests' sexual abuse
In what is being called the "strongest condemnation yet" of the sexual abuse scandal that rocked the Catholic Church, Pope Francis asked today for… Continue reading

What Are Some of the Most Effective Ways of Changing a Kid’s Attitude Towards Drugs and Drug Taking?

Question by Chrissy: what are some of the most effective ways of changing a kid’s attitude towards drugs and drug taking?

Best answer:

Answer by autumn
take him to Trenton

Answer by kaloptic
Letting them see first-hand what they can do to a person with long-term use, or… Continue reading

Christopher Reeves Arrested for Flying High on Meth While Wearing a

Christopher Reeves Arrested For Flying High On Meth While Wearing A
It's true! An alleged meth abuser with that name was just arrested in Utah. Not only was his name Christopher Reeves, a combination of Superman actors Christopher Reeve and George Reeves, but homeboy was wearing a Superman shirt… Continue reading

Quick Bit – Gamestick Unboxing

Quick Bit – Gamestick Unboxing — In preparation for our review on the show next week Toby takes a quick look at what you get in the box with PlayJam’s Gamestick. This little device touts its…

The Heirs of Steinbeck: Who Are the Fiction Writers Taking on Poverty and …… Continue reading

What Otc Medicine Has Meth in It Have?

Question by RUBY J: what otc medicine has meth in it have?

Best answer:

Answer by oldtimekid2
There are none, thankfully. specifically outlines that it requires a prescription due to the potentially dangerous and life-threatening side effects (not to mention the high risk of addiction).
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The Triad of PTSD, TBI and Addiction Substance Abuse

The Triad of PTSD, TBI and Addiction Substance Abuse — Many Active Duty Service Members (ADSM) and veterans of the Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) have experienced concussive in…

Chapters Capistrano Urges Women to Seek Addiction Recovery, Offers Flexible
As more Americans become aware of… Continue reading

Trying to Combat Growing Drug Trade in Oil Patch

Trying to combat growing drug trade in oil patch
Mexican cartels are slowly making inroads in small-town America. And hard-core criminals are bringing drugs in from other states, sometimes concealing them in ingenious ways: liquid meth in windshield wiper reservoirs. "Organized drug dealers are smart …
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Life on the Streets With Legal Highs Addiction

Life on the streets with legal highs addiction
He received treatment at Christchurch Hospital on Friday night. Ms Perkinson … Although he managed to quit meth, once he tried synthetic cannabis he said it was the most addicted he'd ever been in his life, and he remains addicted six years… Continue reading

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