Crystal Meth

I Had a Seizure, but I’m Not Completely Sure Why…?

Question by ~MEGAN~: I had a seizure, but I’m not completely sure why…?
First off NO JUDGEMENT or such, I know it’s stupid and hurts your body, this is a serious question.
I have been using crystal meth fairly frequently (every 1-3 days) for a couple weeks. On one occasion… Continue reading

Meth Law Helping Deputies Catch Criminals

Meth law helping deputies catch criminals
It's also a key ingredient to make meth. David Winkles at Winkles Pharmacy keeps a close eye on all his customers, especially those showing signs of drug abuse, like if they're acting nervous or have sores on their arms. The statewide system will stop… Continue reading

Local Law Enforcement Agencies Hold Drug Collection Events in Support of

Local law enforcement agencies hold drug collection events in support of
Sometimes people get a prescription for a medication and find that they are allergic to it, or that it has other undesirable side effects, and they stop using it and set it aside. Sometimes people have a procedure… Continue reading

Part 1: Meth Addiction From the Law Enforcement Perspective

Part 1: Meth addiction from the law enforcement perspective
It does sound like a nightmare, but Treat said it's an every-day scene. … These are the people so paranoid they shoot out the door of their house at the mailman or trash man because they're paranoid someone is out to… Continue reading

Burn Center Sees Increase of Ammonia Burns

Burn Center Sees Increase of Ammonia burns
IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) — The University of Iowa Burn Treatment Center is reporting a higher-than-normal number of patients suffering from anhydrous ammonia burns. The center says it has treated five people in the last two weeks. The center's medical …
Read more… Continue reading

Drug and Alcohol Testing Methamphetamines Video

Drug and Alcohol Testing Methamphetamines Video

Former sex trafficker starts Conway ministry to help women
Afraid that the sex-trafficking business would be discovered, Gonzalez said, she gave it up and started selling drugs and cooking meth, which she'd done before. Gonzalez was using — at …. “What's amazing is… Continue reading

4 New Addicition-Facility Port St. Lucie FL

4 New addicition-facility Port St. Lucie FL — 4 New addicition-facility Port St. Lucie FL.

Life's precipice puts addiction into perspective
"I smoked marijuana and drank beer almost every day from the age of 18 to the day I walked into rehab," he says, sitting on a couch of the… Continue reading

Truckee Officials: Peers, Residents Enable Youth Drug Use

Truckee officials: Peers, residents enable youth drug use
River Coyote, director of Tahoe Truckee Future Without Drug Dependence, said there are many risk factors for alcohol and drug abuse, including society, community, family, peer and individual domains. … The panel, which will met in room 139 in the …
Read… Continue reading

With Spring in Bloom, Jackasses Prohibited From Beltline

With Spring In Bloom, Jackasses Prohibited From Beltline
Granted, every Atlantan was a Beltline newbie back then, but it made one thing crystal clear: If the Beltline is going to work, its patrons would have to respect each other. Now, with spring in … Little known fact: There is no… Continue reading

Oxycodin Treatment – Prominence Treatment Center

Oxycodin Treatment – Prominence Treatment Center — Current prescription drug addiction statistics show that there is a growing need for Oxycodin treatment programs (…

Christie to talk about heroin treatment today with first responders
The drug counteracts the effects of heroin and other opioid drugs. Christie said the waiver… Continue reading

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