Danville, Harrodsburg Police News

Danville, Harrodsburg police News
HARRODSBURG — Mercer County Sheriff's officers who responded to a complaint of a wanted person walking along West Office Street arrested him for drug possession on Wednesday. When officers stopped Martavieo Buster, 29, police said they found 29 grams …
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Something New and Superheavy at the Periodic Table

Something new and superheavy at the periodic table
Its existence has now been confirmed by an international team of researchers including myself, with details published this month in the Physical Review of Letters. The new …. Similar orientation effects have been seen in reaction rates of some molecules.
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PAYDAY 2 w/JUANCARLOS, Oso, & Herry Ep. 7 – Making Meth!

PAYDAY 2 w/JUANCARLOS, Oso, & Herry Ep. 7 – Making Meth! — like if you enjoyed the video it would mean a lot to me =) and thanks for subscribing IRL Channel: www.youtube.com/user/ITIrJUANCAROS Oso’s Channel: www.yout…

Clayton man charged with making meth in home
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An Afghan Village of Drug Addicts, From Ages 10 to 60

An Afghan Village Of Drug Addicts, From Ages 10 To 60
Iran has long had one of the highest rates of drug addiction in the world. Heroin is widely used in Iran, but recently there has been a dramatic rise in the use of crystal meth. Sitting on a bed… Continue reading


FACE FRIEND — The curedrive — http://www.curedrive.org/index.html — is a NONPROFIT where we DEMONSTRATE and teach CURE of medically incurable diseases on camera. § Spe…

Uruguay may treat addicted prisoners with medical pot
While the government figures out what its policy is on this issue, we thought we'd take a… Continue reading

What Are the Pros and Cons of Diet Pills?

Question by : what are the pros and cons of diet pills?
what are the pros and cons of diet pills??? have you or would you ever use diet pills and if so why???
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Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Hoarding Featuring Spaulding Decon Mobile

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Hoarding Featuring Spaulding Decon Mobile — Spaulding Decon, the largest hoarding cleanup company in Florida, helps Sandy clean out her home and finds unexpected items. Spaulding Decon specializes in h…


Addiction — TVC ad.

New face of recovery
You’re really crazy!'” Not only does Botticelli play an important role in this Administration, in the world of addiction recovery, he is a rock star. At a suburban Washington treatment center, he stood at the front of a room filled with addicts… Continue reading

Drug-Free South to Visit Smith County

Drug-Free South to Visit Smith County
DFS uses a series of drug education resources that work—a multimedia program that speaks to the youth of today, informing them of the truth about drugs and empowering them to make their own decisions to live drug-free. The cornerstone of the program …
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Alleged Crime Boss Haddara Could Flee if Bailed to Drug Rehab Clinic, Court Told

Alleged crime boss Haddara could flee if bailed to drug rehab clinic, court told
Raymond Hayder Clinic manager Jackson Oppy told an earlier hearing there was a place for Mr Haddara in its 90-day rehab program. And he said he would be subject to conditions stricter than prison including 24-hour… Continue reading

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