What Are the Pros and Cons of Diet Pills?

Question by : what are the pros and cons of diet pills?
what are the pros and cons of diet pills??? have you or would you ever use diet pills and if so why???
i do not wish to use diet pills i am just doing a paper on them but i have to show both sides

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Answer by nellieh
Pros- fast loss of weight….maybe.
Cons- Quick regain of weight (almost always), side effects, damage to other parts of your body.
Try weight watchers or another program that directs you towards a permanent and lasting way of eating (and exercising) will help you lose weight, and keep weight off.
Good luck.

Answer by EddySays
A substantial portion of the harmful additives in diet pills have been banned primarily because they cause liver, circulatory, and heart damage and in some cases death. Ephedrine was a biggie. Now ephedra. Most amphetamines (speed) have been banned.
Unfortunately under the current laws the FDA does not approve supplements but can ban them if they cause harm.
So anyone buying 99% of the over the counter diet pills is paying to be a human guinea pig.
The big push these days is “thermogenic” fat burners. These contain exotic plant extracts. Most of them boil down to caffeine, amphetamine derivatives, and various pepper plant extracts.
Acai, maqui, goji, moyo, african mango, hoodia, and fruta planta are the latest “exotics”.
Alli is the only FDA approved over the counter weight loss pill and it prevents fat absorption, it doesn’t mess with metabolism.
Most diet pills containing caffeine and other foreign ingredients can have the following side effects:

Arrhythmia – irregular heartbeat
Heart complications
Kidney problems
Unexplained headaches and dizziness
Excessive fatigue
Loss of appetite
Restlessness, anxiety
Nausea, vomiting

A healthy diet and exercise work every time.

The only pros are the “placebo effect” these unapproved pills give people.
They lose the weight by themselves but the brain believes the pills give them what they need to succeed.
The other pro is the $ 60 billion industry makes obscene amouts of money for con men preying on the hopes of people looking for the “magic bullet” for easy weight loss.
(New York Times January 2011)

Good luck on your paper.

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