Will Xxtra Clean Detox Work?

Question by Justin M: Will xxtra clean detox work?
Test is at 9am tomorrow morning. It will be 15 days since I smoked last. The guy at the head shop was very confident. I’ve been drinking tons of water and cranberry juice and eating niacin like they’re skittles. Of course I will follow the directions on the bottle.

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Answer by jb
At 15 days, it’s entirely possible that you will pass the test anyway, so keep that in mind if you do.
(Please don’t attribute passing a test to a coincidental handful of niacin and a “detox” kit”.)

There are medical detoxes, for chemical exposures/overdoses, and detoxing from abusing substances in alcohol & drug treatment centers. Otherwise there is no such thing as a detox. Your liver and kidneys are what handle the task of purifying your system.

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