So, I Need to Know Stuff About Adderall?

Question by So, i need to know stuff about Adderall?
Ive been doing research on this for quite awhile. I did a 3 page essay over this for my English class and Ive had people tell me about the effects of it. Id actually like to know what would happen if you take a 80 mg Adderall pill that you dont need. Like you dont have adhd and you want just the high feeling or what ever. I havent found a bunch of stuff so Im wondering what would happen? Another reason why i ask is because i know a friend who takes a higher dosage for just the feeling. She feels awesome and what not, but what would happen if someone took it and has no experience at all with drugs?

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Answer by Eric
Adderall is a dangerous and adictive drug.

Answer by A-H/EPH
To begin, there is no 80 mg tablet on the market . . if someone offers to sell you such a pill, it isn’t legitimate.
As for what to expect, this is dependent on SO many factors, including age, height, weight, stomach contents, brain composition and experience. DO NOT TAKE 80 MG! This amount could kill you on your maiden high (especially if you are affected by cardiovascular maladies).
As a student of pharmacology/neuropsychopharmacolgy highly-enthused with amphetamine as a clinical drug, I could expatiate for days and days on amphetamine but will give you a crash-course.
Adderall is the brand name for a complex of various amphetamine salts.
Amphetamine is a central-nervous-system-stimulant VERY similar to cocaine. When cocaine or amphetamine are administered to the brain, in fact, they actually activate the exact same areas of the brain. Both drugs activate the SAME mRNA’s, hence deemd “CART peptides (Cocaine-Amphetamine-Regulated-Transcript). One type of amphetamine with which I’m sure you’re at least somewhat-familiar is that of METHamphetamine, or “meth”. Although methamphetamine is a more potent form of the drug, Adderall and meth are the same basic drug (which is why people sometimes refer to Adderall, Vyvanse, etc. as prescription speed).
Typically, when a person takes a “low” amount of this type of amphetamine, they experience an increase in motivation/concentration, suppressed appetite, sociability, and an overall “good feeling”. At higher doses (enough to allow the patient to ‘get high’) amphetamine induces profound concentration, motivation, garrulousness, grandiosity, alertness, suppression of appetite and euphoria.
The most profound effects are the increase in mental acuity/alertness and euphoria. You’ll find that things for which you would NEVER have the patience (homework, cleaning, etc) are enjoyable. Accompanying this motivation is a euphoria and/or sense of well-being. For no reason at all, you will feel ecstatic . . . on top of the World. You won’t feel tired at all, and will have no appetite. You’ll find that you may want to talk to people for apparently no reason other than it feels good to while on the drug. You’ll find that you’re moving very quickly.
When you’re “coming-down”, you may experience anxiety, agitation and depression.

The only real difference I can conceive between taking the amphetamine-complex as an EXPERIENCED user and taking it your FIRST TIME is that, on your first time, you won’t really know what to expect, which shapes your experience with the “high”. Imagine your first day at school compared to your fourth month in school. On the first day, everything is unfamiliar, whereas in the fourth month you know EXACTLY what to expect and can move-about more freely.

I once wrote this answer as to WHY Adderall suppress appetite, which you can read as supplemental information:;_ylt=AuU7ZNvr6IfL3igRQCk0o6rty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090205192944AAePrIk

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