Sex Addiction Linked to Brain Damage in Rats

Dramatic Rise in the Proportion of Older Americans Admitted for Substance Abuse Treatment from 1992 to 2008
New admissions data show sharp increase in the proportion of older Americans being treated for illicit substances such as cocaine, heroin and marijuana.

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Heroin Dealer Sentenced WEB FIRST
LITCHFIELD — Terence Manning was on the mend from a drug habit for over a year when he met Joseph A. Oliveira Jr., a New Milford heroin dealer who was sentenced to eight years in prison on Friday.

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Sex Addiction Linked to Brain Damage in Rats
Rats with brain damage behave like sex addicts despite negative consequences. New research shows that when damage is induced in the medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC) area of the brain in rats, the rats behave in a manner similar to humans diagnosed with “hyper-sexual disorder.” Hyper-sexual disorder, commonly referred to as sex addiction, afflicts both men and women, is […]

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