Parents Taking Action – Lisa’s Story

Parents Taking Action – Lisa’s Story — Lisa Workman shares her journey from addiction to recovery and offers support to everyone facing the struggles she has survived. Parents Taking Action P.O. B…

Mercer County Citizens Academy tackles drug epidemic
Rising burglary and theft rates are just the opening bell of a fight Kelty attributes to a vacuum created by stamping out pill mills and meth. “It gave the Mexican cartels an avenue for … “There is nobody this can't affect. It's a family issue. When …
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Frustration vented at drug forum
We've also had calls involving meth and huffing as well." The big issue with these calls, Cobb said, is there is really no treatment for … Kane said addiction is a problem that affects all of us in some way. Doctors and prescribers, he said are part …
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Solution or Band-Aid
“Within a couple of minutes' walk from my office, one can buy marijuana, meth, cocaine, heroin and an assortment of black market prescription pills, all at your motel. … “I have a business downtown and this affects me,” McNabb said in an interview.
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