I Think I Have Bronchitis?

Question by LiL’ Momma: I think I have Bronchitis?
Last week I was showing symptoms of a cold, runny nose, sore throat etc. now all I am doing is coughing. I am coughing so much I can’t sleep at night, I’ll have these coughing fits that are so bad that it makes me throw up. Cough drops don’t work, cold medicine doesn’t work, nothing helps!! The problem is that I can’t go see a doctor because I don’t have medical insurance and I don’t have Medicaid. So, since I can’t go to a doctor, what can I do to ease the symptoms? I read that it will go away in a couple of weeks on it’s own, but I can’t take this cough much longer! I can’t get any sleep, and it hurts so bad!! Please help!
I am coughing up a little bit of yellowish stuff, I just though it was mucus…..
I have tried several different cough medicines, none of it helps, I have been drinking lots of liquids, both hot and cold, none of it really helps that much at all. I had Bronchitis about two years ago, thats why I think I have it this time too. I about 90% sure that’s what it is, I remember all too well how I felt with Bronchitis last time.

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Answer by michelle s
Try hot water, honey and lemon juice

Answer by ♦cat
if u are not coughing out yellow greenish secretions, and its just ur uncontrollable cough bothering, waking u up at night, try taking cough medicine that has dextromethorphan in it..or the one that has DM, in the box, it will help u suppress ur cough and let u get some sleep at night. if u have bronchitis, u might have some wheezing and shortness of breath, if u dont have that, u just have the cough, it is viral, and will resolve itself just by drinking lots of fluids

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