Charges Possible in Atwater Meth Lab Raid

Charges possible in Atwater meth lab raid
"The Portage County Drug Task Force would again like to remind residents of the potential dangers that 'one-pot' meth labs create, and if plastic bottles containing a liquid/pasty solution are found, please do not touch," he said. "Call the sheriff's …
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Hoosiers need to move over for workers
In addition to the dangers of work zones where crews are doing construction to improve road conditions, police officers frequently have to stop on the side of the road, as do emergency repair vehicles. The Daily News spoke with … Deputy stops rolling …
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Traffic deaths drop in 2013
Donnellon attributed that to how well the targeted enforcement officers have been doing as well as the public's increased awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving. Crashes involving drugs were at the highest in five years with 42 in 2013, up …
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Meth Tom Osborne Lew Hunter film Once In A Lew Moon — Tom Osborne and Lew Hunter discuss with Nebraska Students about the dangers of Meth. This will be a part of the film, “Once in a Lew Moon”.

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