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ARC Addiction Recovery Centre – My Rehab – – ARC is an upmarket, private treatment facility for those that might be suffering from the effects of addiction or alcoholism. ARC is committed to providing practical, ethical, and effective treatment initiatives to persons with addiction problems. ARC believes that by encouraging individuals to explore their previously damaging patterns of behaviour, within a healing and safe therapeutic environment, they are empowered to make positive and creative life choices. Thus they are enabled to lead productive and responsible lives free from active addiction. ARC provides a safe and caring environment for those affected by addiction, drug and alcohol dependency. Our primary focus as a professional team of addiction specialists is to assist and equip individuals with the knowledge and tools required to overcome the horrors of addiction and substance abuse. With a view to healing the body, mind and soul, our residents are given the foundation needed for on-going, wholesome fulfilment and successful living. Our professional team of addiction specialists and medical practitioners are on call 24 hours a day to assist with the detox and recovery process. Our staff compliment includes 24 hour nursing staff and substance abuse councillors, Trauma councillors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Group therapists. Our Recovery Coaches have, themselves, endured the suffering of active addiction but are now, at the very least, 3 years free of active


Deficit, Debt and Decline

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We are warned that curtailed power will have dire effects on our national security. A retreat from global engagement hovers ominously on the horizon — or so we are told. One senior … As an add-on, Special Force missions are slashing through the …
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While I Struggle With Infertility, Babies are Killed in Abortion

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These measures, if they work (there's an 80% chance they will), will raise my chances of conceiving from exactly 0% to roughly 50%…for about six months, at which point the effects wear off and we have to try something else. There's also the …


Next Budget Showdown Could Lead to More Cuts

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“The tax issue is finished, over, completed,” he said. “That's behind us. Now the question is what are we going to do about the biggest problem confronting our country and our future? And that's our spending addiction. It's time to confront it. The …
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