Would This Be Considered a Cocaine “problem”?

Question by : Would this be considered a cocaine “problem”?
Okay well I’m 13 I know I’m young but I’ve had a rough life I have a kid and basically sh*t just never worked out for me so I do a lot of risky sh*t with my body and my life.

Anyway im wondering if it’s considered addiction if I do cocaine maybe once a month but thats it I never feel like I really need it I just do it recreationally. Idk i try to stop but I never can and I actually do it more and more frequently whenever i’ll skip a month or so doing it then i’ll feel like i have to like every week that month and it just gets more and more like now I do it pretty much once a week but is that really considered a cocaine problem? do I need treatment? I’m worried and only want the best fur my kid. Any advice is good except rude answers. Thanks.
ha jon i already have!!! i only started doing cocaine cuz pot stopped being enough to get a good buzz so yeah I’ve tried it but I mostly like to enjoy them seperately.

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Answer by Jon
nope. try marijuana mixed with cocaine, its amazing!!!!

Answer by Aaron
Well to start off you life has just begun its hard to imagine other young people feeling so depressed and stressed out at that age…it makes me think how parents are in these ages….second no it would not be an addiction but when you start to do cocaine once a month in will turn into once a week then that will turn into once a day and that will turn into once a minute…..its an addiction and you might not say its not but its scientifically proven that it is…..honestly try marijuana in my opinion it helps me fight off stress and just another way to escape……

but of course back to your problem i was stressed when i was around 14 also but when i got older it all stopped trust me in will end soon just stick in there

(good luck best answer)

Cocaine causing heartache for doctors — Doctors say an increasing number of people are being hospitalised with heart-related problems after using the cocaine.

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