Is There a Drug Like Crystal Meth or Crack That Makes You Sad?

Question by Dr. Frankenstein’s Slave: Is there a drug like crystal meth or crack that makes you sad?
I need to know if there is a drug you can get addicted to (not a prescription) but like weed, meth, crack, or lsd but it makes you feel sad when you get high. I have a very seriously messed up character in my book and all the characters in wonderland she sees hallucinations of are addicted to something so like cheshire cat is addicted to heroin and the march hare is addicted to crack and the mad hatter is an alcoholic. I want her version of millie the door mouse to be addicted to some drug that makes her either sad or depressed any drugs?

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Answer by Evan
contains ethonal

Answer by Doom
Well, I can’t think of any drugs that make you sad as a high (because that would be pretty f*ckin’ pointless), but on a comedown, pretty much every addictive Class A drug can cause bad withdrawal symptoms, which can make you feel “sad”. In addition, you may be interested to know that the drug PCP (phencyclidine) can cause many unpleasant effects as well as the “high”, such as paranoia, convulsions, suicidal impulses and psychotic episodes that last up to several months. When you hear about people randomly decapitating others in the street, chances are that it’s either due to severe insanity/mental disorders or PCP use. So, um, yeah. Have fun writing your book!

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