I Just Left Detox After Being on Binge for About 10 Days of Drinking Straight ?

Question by Tommy G: i just left detox after being on binge for about 10 days of drinking straight ?
try to stop on my own but felt shaky and like i was gonna have a seizure, i left in 48 hours and its been 52 hours since i had my last drink and i don’t feel as shitty just really out of it am i still risk of the DT,s or are you at risk of seizures within the first 6 – 48 hours??

Best answer:

Answer by kay_flood
so, you just keep asking the same question til you get the answer you want to hear? stop being an idiot, go back and complete the detox treatment.

Answer by Katie B., RN, BSN, MS
Sounds like you need ativan or valium for withdrawal symptoms. I would go back to detox.

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