Why Do People Consider Marijuana a “gateway” Drug?

Everyone I know who has smoked marijuana began by smoking cigarettes and/or drinking alcohol. So why aren’t they considered “gateway” drugs? 90% of the people I know who are marijuana smokers have never done anything else. I also know of at least 5 people who are addicted to prescription drugs i.e. oxycodone, hydrocone, etc., who have never smoked marijuana. You know, oxycodone is the drug Rush Limbaugh trolled the streets trying to buy illegally. And I’m sure it wasn’t marijuana he tried first. The most pressing drug problem today is not marijuana; it’s pharmaceutical abuse and methamphetamine. Marijuana is even on Schedule 1 lumped in with heroin, cocaine, etc. Schedule 1 drugs cannot be prescribed legally. But morphine and codeine can be prescribed and have much more potential for abuse.

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