What Is This Orange Powder?

Question by : What is this orange powder?
My friend use to have a drug problem, but has since cleaned up. I found this on the ground today and I need help identifying what it is. Your help is very much appreciated. Here is a link to a picture of the bag.

What is this?

Thanks again.

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Answer by Bobyns
Looks like some sort of a crystal.

It could be a drug. Could be meth or MDMA

It also could be someone chemistry experiment from school.

Answer by ranunculusviridis
It could be YABA, a form of methamphetamine:

“YABA: Thai for “crazy medicine,” Yaba, a methamphetamine tablet, has been appearing in the United States. Yaba tablets are sometimes flavored (grape, orange, and vanilla): tasting like candy, the tablets are obviously marketed to a young audience, particularly at rave’s or parties where Ecstasy (a similar looking drug) has been well established. The tablets are commonly reddish-orange or green, and fit inside the end of a drinking straw. They have a variety of logos, with “WY” the most common. Methamphetamine pills are normally ingested orally, although they can be crushed into powder and administered.”

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