Was This Guy Using Meth?

StarryEyes asked:

I work in a very nice 5-star hotel in the South. About a week ago we had a very artsy guy from New York come for a two night stay. Upon arrival he called down to the front desk and stated that the two lamps in his room were burnt out and that he needed two light bulbs. He refused to let house keeping into his room and said that if we gave him the bulbs he would do it himself. The thing is, this is a lie. The rooms are checked daily, and the probability that two lightbulbs would go out at the same time is slim to none.
He then called down to the hotel restaurant and ordered 4 glasses of ice (he specified that they be glass), one set of stainless steel silverwear, and a small meal. When room service got to his room he answered the door while wearing a baseball catcher’s mitt on one hand. The room service guy said that there were pill bottle everywhere in the room.
About twenty minutes later he again calls down for two more glasses of ice. When room service got to the door he took them, then grew very angry and hostile when our employee tried to take the previous three glasses (empty). He stated that he would keep all the glasses.
We found his requests for more glasses of ice odd, because there was an ice machine less than 20 feet from his door, and each room has an ice bucket.
Being from the South, we are very familiar with meth, so two of us decided to go to up to his room and see if we could detect any odor in the hallway. We couldn’t really smell anything odd, but we could hear the sound of silverwear clanking around in the glasses, like you would hear if someone was stirring sugar into tea.
I can’t really get this whole thing out of my mind because of how unusual it was. Was our staff just being paranoid, or does this sound like he was using meth? The whole lightbulbs, baseball glove, pill bottles, crystal glasses, and the noises coming from his room were just very odd.

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