Speed Addiction

The Amazing Snakeheads

The Amazing Snakeheads
The guitar work here is particularly reminiscent of The Birthday Party's late, great Rowland S Howard. There's his same signature use of space, silence and melodic dissonance. If this record begins on an amphetamine high, 'Tiger By the Tail' comes down …
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Drink Responsibly, Discourage Underage Drinking

Drink responsibly, discourage underage drinking
As a nation, we need to wake up to the reality that, for some, alcoholism and addiction develop at a young age and that intervention, treatment, and recovery support are essential for them and their families.” In his words, “we can't afford to wait any… Continue reading

FAQ: The High Cost of Hepatitis C Drugs

FAQ: The High Cost of Hepatitis C Drugs
April 14, 2014 — Last week, the World Health Organization strongly endorsed two new oral drugs that fight hepatitis C, a liver-damaging virus. The WHO recommended that all 150 million people infected worldwide be assessed for these drug treatments.
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Amphetamine — December 8, 2004 Artist: Inimikal Composer: Dennis R. Lindfors From: Kallisti Gold Recordings —– [[Disclaimer: NOT MINE, but ENJOY~~!]] Download Link: htt…

Defense: Bradley waived rights while on drugs
The doctor testified Bradley told her he started smoking marijuana at age 12 and fit the pattern of drug… Continue reading

What’s Up With the New Drug Called Bath Salt?

Question by : What’s up with the new drug called Bath Salt?
Aren’t plain LSD and other drugs enough?? People and drugs these days..always trying to find new ways to kill themselves or each other. What does bath salt contain anyways?
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Communities Joining Forces to Fight Opiates

Communities joining forces to fight opiates
Amid intensifying statewide concern about a surge in overdoses and deaths, five area municipal coalitions are preparing to take fresh aim at the problem of opiate addiction. The coalitions, based in Gloucester, Lowell, Lynn, Medford, … Thirteen …
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Garland TX Alcohol Drug Rehab Announces Expanded Residential Treatment

Garland TX Alcohol Drug Rehab Announces Expanded Residential Treatment
Garland TX Alcohol Drug Rehab is announcing an expanded residential treatment program is now available for adults and adolescents dealing with drug addiction problems in Garland and other cities in and around the Metroplex area. Taking the first step …
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STEPHENSON: Nova Scotia Doctors Need to Confront Prescription Drug Abuse

STEPHENSON: Nova Scotia doctors need to confront prescription drug abuse
The Nova Scotia College of Physicians & Surgeons has several new initiatives aimed at balancing the need to provide treatment with the rapid escalation in addiction rates. Medical costs, social upheaval and … Grant warned progress against …
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Construction Underway on Home for Mothers, Babies Recovering From Heroin

Construction underway on home for mothers, babies recovering from heroin
… underway on home for mothers, babies recovering from heroin addiction. Updated: Saturday, April 12 2014, 11:24 PM EDT COVINGTON, Ky. (WKRC) — Work is underway on a a home for mothers and their babies who are recovering from… Continue reading

Pat Travers Band “Snorting’ Whiskey” at Moondance

Pat Travers Band “Snorting’ Whiskey” at Moondance — The Pat Travers Band performs “Snortin’ Whiskey” at The Moondance Festival. with Sean Shannon (drums), Rodney O’Quinn (bass and vocals), Kirk McKim (guitar a…

Good News! We Now Live In A Time Where Alcohol In Powdered Form Is Nearly
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