Sonic- a Blue Hedgehog Who Runs at Supersonic Speeds

Sonic the Hedgehog is an iconic figure who has inspired cult following amongst millions fans. His followers span the entire globe and there is nothing much that can stop them from buying every Sonic game that comes out of Sega’s haloed halls. So what is it that makes this anthropomorphic hedgehog so very famous amongst people? What makes him so very addictive?

Sonic is a fearless hero who is ever-ready to pick a fight and win it. He is dedicated to making things right on Mobius (his home planet) and will let nothing stop him from getting to the bottom of things. He has a cool impatience about him – he is forever raring to go. He has probably never stood still in his entire game life. Of course, TV series and other places not counting. Who is this hedgehog?

Sonic is the official mascot of Sega. He was built in order to rival Nintendo’s own super successful game character Mario. Sonic was named after team Sonic who conceived him and also the original game. His cobalt blue color was chosen in keeping with the cobalt blue that was Sega’s logo back then. Little do people know that before considering a hedgehog, the team considered a rabbit and also a dog.

Records show that Sonic was born at a place called Christmas islands. But he is usually seen hanging out at a place called South Island. This is the scene of most of the Sonic games including the original one.

Sonic’s main physical attributes are his blue hair/quills that point downwards, his sporty looks and red boots. Many people do not know that the red boots were added later as a tribute to Santa Clause. Originally, Sonic was much more cartoon like and was drawn in a rounder fashion. Later, he went through an image makeover and the modern slim trim Sonic was born.

Due to his Japanese origins, much of Sonic’s original lore is in Japanese. Those who are familiar with Japanese styles of Mangas and Animes will realize that Sonic’s character bears some influences of those styles. Sonic was originally planned with many supporting characters but only a few made it through to the final release. There was even a human girl who looked like Va Vavoom from Loony Tunes but she was later scrapped. Leaving Dr. Robotnik AKA Egghead as the only human character within the games.

Sonic’s main ‘power’ is his speed. He justifies his name with his signature speed and impatience. The games are designed in such a way that you will never be able to get anywhere without building up enough speed and momentum. Sonic’s signature spin dash move was actually added in the 2nd game of the series but it was added in to the first game at a later date.

The game designers did not know that hedgehogs could swim so Sonic has never been able to swim. Other than he is a pretty strong character.

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