Ice Crystal Meth

Miss Riot 2007 Question & Answer Section With Phoenix Phyre

HulasPartyTV asked:

she do and why… well… let me tell you. I don’t think the crowd liked her answer… Listen for the boo’s of her adoring fans… The Miss Riot 2007 pageant was held at Hula’s Bar and Lei Stand in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii. … hula’s bar lei stand gay… Continue reading

Crystal Meth

BulimianParadox asked:

crystal meth … jib crank glass ice crystal meth

truth faith


tommyjudd asked:

Droplet is a short film about a teenager (played by Andrew Strouthos) who is introduced to ice (crystal meth) by a friend and becomes addicted to it. Soon it starts affecting his relationships and his behaviour. Droplet is my second short film (Rememb… was the first) and was… Continue reading

Would a Recipe on a Box of Laudry Blueing Product Be Concidred Meth?

rick s asked:

it is a recipe that is being used to make “ice” and has lead to an arrest in this case. it is a science project for kids to make a crystal garden at home using there product of laundry blueing ,charcoal and ammonia. As in this case… Continue reading

The Otto Man Non Hip Hop survey.have You Tried?

Instant Karma! asked:

honesty is the best policy,

1. tobacco?
(yes, sadly addicted)

2. marijuana/canibus?
(who hasn’t?)

3. alcohol?
(do i look like a rookie?)

4. lsd (acid)?
(duh, i’m the otto man)

5. psilocybin mushrooms?
(like i said i’m the otto man)

6. mdma (ecstasy)?
(too many times, it… Continue reading

I Feel Quite Attracted to Alcohol and Some Drugs, Is This Normal, or May I Have a Problem?

Stephen Colbert for President asked:

I am almost 19. I’m a senior in high school.

I’ve drank before, but now I would almost say that I yearn for it, for lack of a better word. I’ve quit taking my prescribed Adderral for the most part, because I’m joining the Navy… Continue reading


craiger5 asked:

This is the footage of my old roommate passing in and out, hitting his head, mumbling, slumped over with no clue of his whereabouts and a short interview with his girlfriend who also did some of the heroin, but not enough to be totally incoherent. … heroin junkie… Continue reading

What Are a Few Facts About Meth?

tiffani s asked:

ignore im at school and i need this at home so plz jus ignore


Street Names
Crystal MethTina
White CrossCrypto

Immediate Effects
Increased energy Insomnia
Nausea Agitation
Excessive sweating Talkativeness
Loss of appetite Panic attacks
Euphoria ( feeling of pleasure or… Continue reading

How Much Crystal Meth Gets You Wired?

Matt asked:

How much Ice should it take a non addict to feel its effects. How many lines and how long should they be considering that the ice is very high quality and pure.

health billing

Is “kimbo” or “slice” Slang for Meth?

TS asked:

A few months ago, wikipedia had both “kimbo” and “slice”as common knicknames for methamphetamines, but, for some reason, these two terms have been removed. Furthermore, I can’t find “kimbo” or “slice” under any of the online drug-slang dictionaries that I’ve checked so far. Does anyone know why these… Continue reading

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