How Is Xanax a Legitimate Medicine for Treating Anxiety?

I have seen so many people get addicted to xanax, and i am just questioning its legitimacy. Yes i will agree that it helps with anxiety in the short term, but it does it fix the problem, it just covers it up temporarily. Since it must be taken everyday in anxious people, addiction is high, and when the person decides to quite the medication, the anxiety is still there, and some have to deal with addiction.

Not to mention the abuse and illegal distrubution of this medication. A person selling the pills on the street can literally make hundreds of thousands of dollars. More money is in the illegal sale than the legal sale of the drug.

In my mind the risks and high abuse potential of the drug for outweighs the benfits, so im sitting here wondering. Why is this drug FDA approved and distributed everywhere?
Very good point it inst just xanax, it goes for a bunch of medication, i just used xanax as a good example

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