Have You Ever Had an Addiction? Are You Over It Now?

Question by Raj: Have you ever had an addiction? Are you over it now?

Best answer:

Answer by Kat
Yes I was addicted to cigarettes for 25 years. Yes i am over it due to the fact I never want to quit again it;s been almost 11 years now.

Answer by Ikeg
Yes I have been addicted to drugs/alcohol, and no I am not using any more, either one of them. Working on your issues that caused you to be addicted in the first place, is what helps us to stop. The addiction only can be stopped by “not using/drinking/smoking” ever AGAIN! Now you can “white knuckle” it or get help through many 12-Step programs. I’ve done AA for years, and Alan-non, then had my own group of Nara-non for a while. All of the above mentioned groups help you to analyse yourself and helps you to figure out “why” you have the addiction, and gives you support if you want their help. Stopping an addiction of any kind is not EASY! We didn’t become addicted over night, and we don’t recover over night! So when you decide you really want to stop the addiction, and decide to get help, you will find the help and the support. Hang in there, remember to “love yourself enough to stop the addiction.”

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