Hard Drugs Blamed for Dogs' Overdoses in Carlisle

Hard drugs blamed for dogs' overdoses in Carlisle
They suspect the dogs had inadvertently eaten discarded drugs – either amphetamine or an ecstasy-like drug. Sue, from Caldewgate, Carlisle, said that Sharna began displaying distressing symptoms within 10 minutes of finishing the walk last Friday …
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“Medicating Our Troops Into Oblivion”: Prescription Drugs Said To Be
“Alleged TBI [traumatic brain injury], possible PTSD and antidepressants, all of which loosen inhibitions and self control, and antidepressants can in fact fuel violence and cause an amphetamine-like effect of overstimulation.” Add the sleep-inducing …
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Adderall Abusers Less Likely To Develop ADHD And Schizophrenia Due To
Amphetamine Abusers Less Likely To Develop ADHD. A new genetic study shows that people who enjoy the euphoric high of abusing amphetamine, or Adderall, are also least likely to require the medication for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. CC By …
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