Girlfriend and Drugs: Meth and Marijuana: Is She Smoking Meth?

Guy asked:

There’s a story behind my question, and I will make it short. Very short.
I got with my girlfriend.
I found out she smoked meth before.
I wasn’t too worried.
Then it turned into a very serious relationship. Happy and Love.
We talked about meth, and she said she wouldn’t smoke it anymore.
One day I smoked pot with some guy.
She asked if I smoked out of her pipe, I wasn’t but said yeah just to see what she would say.
She said there was meth in it playing around.
Time passed, then I checked her pipe.
I sucked air out of it to see if it tasted like marijuana, it tasted like chemical: sort of like an penicillin pill, the white one, not the capsule, or like when you lick the top of a square battery. or chalk.
worried i got.
so a little later. i heated up the bottom of the pipe and blew… white smoke came out of the top. I did it again and smoke came out again….
i took a close look at the glass pipe and it look weird because it seemed like if there was vaporized water on the glass inside the pipe.. so I looked closer and it looked like that throughout the bowl.. it looked like crystals..
then i heated it up again and it made some cracking noises..
i asked if she has done it and she said no…
my question is.. did someone smoke meth out of that pipe?
the crystals on the bowl of the pipe and on the straight pipe looked like the one on this link…

some one please help me…
thank you..


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