Crystal Meth Ice

Man to Serve Prison Time for Meth Labs

Man to serve prison time for meth labs
13, 2013, he conspired with Jennifer Shugars, 40, to make methamphetamine. On Sept. 4, 2013, agents with the state Attorney General's Office searched the residence Cabisca had shared with Shugars and Kelsey Cabisca, 21, at 41 Anderson St., Mount …
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Devils Holding Court in Arkansas

Devils holding court in Arkansas — song about methamphetamine addiction.

Take video games from addicted teen
You cannot “suggest” to a methamphetamine addict that he shouldn't use so much meth, that he needs to get more exercise. If the addict won't give up the drug, then people who have influence… Continue reading

Woman Gets Treatment, Probation for Meth Conviction

Woman gets treatment, probation for meth conviction
Ashely C. Slifer, 30, whose address in court records is listed as 2211 Stoner Drive West, Charleston, entered the plea to a charge of participation in methamphetamine manufacturing that accused her of a role in making the drug in May. The treatment …… Continue reading

Parents Taking Action – Lisa’s Story

Parents Taking Action – Lisa’s Story — Lisa Workman shares her journey from addiction to recovery and offers support to everyone facing the struggles she has survived. Parents Taking Action P.O. B…

Mercer County Citizens Academy tackles drug epidemic
Rising burglary and theft rates are just the opening bell of… Continue reading

Video Report: Airport Customs Snare Phuket Drug Mule With B7mn of Crystal Meth

Video Report: Airport Customs snare Phuket drug mule with B7mn of crystal meth
Photo: Phuket Airport Customs. PHUKET: A Thai woman was arrested at Phuket International Airport yesterday after she tried to smuggle 2.5kg of ya ice (crystal methamphetamine) from China into Phuket. Customs officers valued the drugs at about… Continue reading

Driver in Wreck Faces Drug Charges

Driver in wreck faces drug charges
… also led to his arrest for trafficking methamphetamine, authorities said. Joshua Blake Long, 25, 12704 Lawrence 236, Moulton, is charged with drug trafficking (methamphetamine) and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia, Lawrence County Sheriff …
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Crystal Meth Making Inroads Into German Drug Culture”

Crystal meth making inroads into German drug culture”
Cocaine is sent via ships or airplaines, while other drugs like marijuana (read Mari-wanna) and crystal meth are produced in neighboring countries such as the Netherlands and Czech Republic. Opiates leaving Afghanistan are often smuggled through Russia …
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I Think I Have Bronchitis?

Question by LiL’ Momma: I think I have Bronchitis?
Last week I was showing symptoms of a cold, runny nose, sore throat etc. now all I am doing is coughing. I am coughing so much I can’t sleep at night, I’ll have these coughing fits that are so bad that… Continue reading

How Do I Get Pot Out of My System?

Question by : how do i get pot out of my system?
i need to know the secrets
alex i dont like your answer

Best answer:

Answer by Dr. Joel Salmon
As far as i know the THC chemical will stay in your body for months.
I don’t think there… Continue reading

So, I Need to Know Stuff About Adderall?

Question by veron[email protected]: So, i need to know stuff about Adderall?
Ive been doing research on this for quite awhile. I did a 3 page essay over this for my English class and Ive had people tell me about the effects of it. Id actually like to know what would… Continue reading

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