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Just Say Yes? the Rise of 'Study Drugs' in College

Just say yes? The rise of 'study drugs' in college
In a 2008 study of 1,800 college students, 81% of students interviewed (DeSantis 2008) thought illicit use of ADHD medication was “not dangerous at all” or “slightly dangerous.” While the picture of a methamphetamine user has hollowed cheeks, rotting …… Continue reading

Meth Lab Found by KSP, Sheriff in Elkton

Meth Lab Found by KSP, Sheriff in Elkton
While serving the warrants, officers smelled a chemical odor consistent with a methamphetamine lab coming from the garage. While Deputy White was obtaining a search warrant, Trooper Curtis Crick found Bruce Strader, 27, to be in possession of suspected …
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Hereditary Angioedema Costs Nevada Taxpayers $4000 for State Inmate

Hereditary Angioedema Costs Nevada Taxpayers 00 for State Inmate
Once a week, inmate Jamie Hein receives two daily drug infusions for Hereditary Angioedema that costs Nevada taxpayers $ 4,000 per treatment. The disease causes a … He again punched her when Hein suggested he was high on meth. After Herman… Continue reading

West Ala. Authorities Credit 20 Meth-Related Arrests to Tougher

West Ala. authorities credit 20 meth-related arrests to tougher
Over the last month, 20 people have been arrested for allegedly making meth in west Alabama. In one case, drug agents got a tip from neighbors that four people were cooking meth in the 6000 block of 5th Street in… Continue reading

Two Arrested Following Meth Bust in Borden

Two arrested following meth bust in Borden
Jackson was charged with manufacturing methamphetamine, B felony; possession of methamphetamine, D felony; possession of a syringe, D felony; possession of precursors to produce methamphetamine, D felony; maintaining a common nuisance, D felony …
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Two charged with manufacturing methamphetamine
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Narcotics Officers Say Synthetics Emerging in Asia

Narcotics officers say synthetics emerging in Asia
In the Philippines, drug traffickers have created Fly High, a mixture of pulverized Ecstasy tablet, crystal meth locally known as shabu, and Viagra. It is sold at 3,000 pesos ($ 67) a capsule, said Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency head Arturo Cacdac …
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Two Arrested on Drug Charges

Two arrested on drug charges
(0) Comments. Gage County Deputies arrested two people Tuesday evening on multiple drug charges after uncovering methamphetamine and marijuana in a vehicle they were driving in. Shortly before 6 p.m. Tuesday, … The Beatrice Police K-9 unit was …
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Candidate to the Stars

Candidate to the Stars
He could transport heroin and methamphetamine with impunity. The Hunt. The Chinese Ministry of Public Security formed a …. One of them mouths, “What the hell?!” I smile. Soon all the choir girls are staring at me. I feel like ….. The girls are …
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Proposed Legislation to Stem Meth Production in SC

Proposed legislation to stem meth production in SC
Drug users exploit the ephedrine-based products to produce and sell meth. Meanwhile, four people are behind bars after police discovered an active meth lab in Dorchester County Tuesday. Related: Meth related crimes and arrests in the Lowcountry
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Greyhounds, Sex and Rock 'n' Roll

Greyhounds, sex and rock 'n' roll
It takes a second to get the reference, then it clicks. In the right light, Jon looks a little like Hugh Jackman, if Hugh had gotten addicted to meth and traveled Greyhound buses in the midwest in his 20s. “You know, I asked a… Continue reading

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