Alcoholism and Drug Addicts.?

Question by lem7194: Alcoholism and drug addicts.?
I was wondering if anybody could tell me of jobs I could when I am older in which I am helping drug and alcoholics recover and also their families. I am passionate about this subject. Thanks for your help.
I do have personal experience. my father was an alcoholic.

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Answer by handyman
There are many different job descriptions associated with Drug and Alcohol workers. Everything from nursing to counselling, it will depend on how much life experience you gain by the time your ready to enter that industry.

Answer by Edward M
Dear lem7194,
That’s great! There are many different kinds of job opportunities in the field of alcoholism/addiction recovery and codependency recovery.

How familiar are you with the subject? Do you have any direct, personal experience in any of the above areas? That’s often a prerequisite. What kind of education are you willing to pursue in the field?

It is significant that the majority of ongoing recovery takes place within the “12 Step” communities of A.A., Alanon, etc. These groups do not involve employment opportunities of any kind (except administrative headquarters, which is very small).

There are hospitals, treatment centers and other institutions however, that employ staffs of counselors, technicians, therapists, nurses and physicians. Facilities that are specifically focused on alcoholism/addiction recovery, and “co-alcoholic/addict” family recovery generally require some specialized training above standard training for a given job in the medical field. Often, personal recovery experience is given preference for hiring, or may even be required.

Depending upon the state you live in, there are certifications of training for these different types of jobs. Check with your state’s Health Department, your local colleges and universities and local treatment facilities for their requirements.

I have been involved in this area for almost three decades, and in continuous recovery the same. It is incredibly rewarding, and at times, incredibly difficult. Definitely worth it under any circumstances.

Good luck to you, my friend,

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