♥Cocaine and Weight Loss♥?

Last year at my school, we had a girl who overdosed on cocaine and died. She wasnt one of my best friends, but we were pretty close, although no matter what i said, she wouldnt break the habit. I know her initial reason for starting up was to lose weight. Now in school, we have an assignment to write on drugs and their affect on the human body. I was wondering if anyone knew the amount of weight or the affect the drug has on weight loss(ex. how much weight would be lost in what amound of time). also if it gives you instant weight loss,(which is why i believe she started, before it turned into an addiction). the last topic im including is a short paragraph about other street drugs that can be abused for weight loss and their affect on the body.i would appreciate some info about that as well! thanks for all of your help! ♥ ♥ ♥

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